B Y   Y O L A N D A   R E N E E   X   P R I V A T E   S T O C K   H A I R

As a naturalista, we sometimes want to tuck our hair away to a give our strands a much needed break. We call this a protective style. Protective styles are often mistaken for "completely ignoring your hair". We rock box braids, weaves, marley twists, faux locs, etc. With these styles it's almost impossible to care for our strands for weeks and sometimes months. This isn't completely bad but its not good either. That is why I usually wear wigs as  protective style. I am able to cleanse, moisturize & seal my hair properly before I wear my wig. The best part is, after a day or two I am still able to remove my wig and moisturize & seal. The freedom of a wig is truly a "protective style". I had the amazing opportunity to partner with my favorite kinky hair brand, PS HAIR, to create my signature heart shape afro. I call her, FROSACE. This wig is the best kinky wig out there...its 100% human hair and the texture mimics our strands perfectly. Its the best of both worlds because I can rock it in a curly state or an afro state. I love them both! Frosace is most definitely an investment too. Purchase this wig and you will NEVER buy hair again. This will be your go to style and it will last a lifetime because of its quality. Learn more on, Use coupon code ETCFROSACE for a major discount!