M Y   T O P   B R A N D S

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As a influencer and content creator I've worked with several brands. In the past it was "just work" and I gained a lot of experience. Now that I've grown, moving forward I am building meaningful & lasting relationships with the brands that I love. These are my top brands...not only the products but what the brand stands for, how they treat me as a creator, and their overall customer service to those who watch my content- YOU! Sponsored content & endorsements are a hot topic in the social media world. This page is dedicated to the brands I love and to YOU, the viewer. I promise & guarantee that these are trusted brands. You will see a lot of content with these brands featured- not because of compensation but because I use & love them. I know you will too! I'm so happy that I have brands I trust to cover it all- what I wear, what I use on my hair, what I use to beat my face & what I take it off with! I will have tons of coupon codes and promotions on this page. Definitely be sure to check back often.