My First Protein Treatment on My Red Hair

Have you recently colored your hair? Are you experiencing issues with dry hair? Maybe your hair is more frizzy than usual. And the worst part is you are noticing more breakage and damage overall. If you answered yes to one or more of those then you may want to do some research on protein treatments.

I recently colored my hair red with Creme of Nature Exotic Shine in Bronze Copper and Intensive Red. Before dying my hair I was already having some issues with dryness. So color treating my hair didn't make that issue better. That is something you should always consider before doing something like dyeing your hair. When you dye your hair you lose protein from your hair. Its important to reconstruct the hair by doing a protein treatment after color or relaxing your hair. For my color treated hair I waited awhile before doing the treatment. Waiting 2 weeks is perfect time to allow the color to have longevity. If you apply a protein treatment too soon your color may fade. So wait about 1-2 weeks afterwards. 

For my first treatment I used Aphogee Two-Step Protein treatment. You can purchase this online or at your local beauty supply store. I've linked the products below. The great thing about this particular treatment is it LASTS UP TO 6 WEEKS. There are several benefits too:


I've been natural since 2012 and this is my first real protein treatment. Over the years I've used deep conditioners that claim to be protein treatments. Please do not make this mistake. Many naturals confuse this because the product advertises "protein" "strengthening" etc, however these only treat the surface of the hair. Protein treatments restore the hair under the surface. There are also two types of protein treatments. The one used in the video below is a reconstructor. Its the a stronger treatment and can be used every 6 weeks. Then there are moisturizers which can be used weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your hair's condition. Having the perfect balance of protein and moisture is very important.

Do your own research on protein treatments and realize that too much of a good thing can be damaging. Don't over do it! If you are not comfortable doing this yourself please seek a professional.  In the comments let me know, do you use protein treatments? What brand? How often?